Let’s humanize this…

Nice to meet you, I’m Ryan!

For most of my career, I lived and breathed UI design, HTML and CSS.

As designers, we can directly impact the lives of the people who use the products we create. We should be listening, observing and showing true empathy. Having a balance between business needs and customer needs is tricky, but the outcomes can be fantastic!

My experience

I have the privilege of working in the clean tech industry, designing in-house solutions at EnPowered, where we are helping turn the tide on climate change by assisting companies in North America adopt cleaner tech.

I have worked on projects ranging from a pizza delivery web app, to UX and UI for banking in South Africa. The projects included:

  • Design of a new banking app for Absa;
  • Working with the Nedbank Avo team – taking on the South African vehicle sales market;
  • Live Chat and new bank account onboarding via the Nedbank banking app;
  • Facial recognition enhancements to banking app security and verification experience;
  • Bill payment feature on a banking app that helps clients earn rewards.